Apollo Extreme Dirt Bike Review

Apollo Extreme Dirt Bike review

Dirt bike is a weightless motorbike made with lightweight yet strong ingredients. It is designed exceptionally so that you can ride it on different types of rough and tough surfaces.

Such as trails, jig-jag grounds, dirt roads, etc. Dirt bikes usually have a greater running power that depends on the quality and ingredients used for making dirt bikes.

However, if you are in search of an amazing dirt bike within a tough budget, go for Apollo extreme 125cc dirt bike as it is one of the best dirt bikes.

What is an Extreme Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes that run extremely well in various terrains without any disturbance are known as extreme dirt bikes. While regular dirt bikes provide average performance, extreme dirt bikes give an amazing riding experience. That’s why professional bike riders prefer extreme dirt bikes more than regular bikes.

Extreme dirt bikes can make memorable biking events. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the wonderful Apollo extreme dirt bike. We hope bike lovers will love this article and the bike too.

Apollo DB-X125cc Dirt Bike Features

Apollo DB-X125cc dirt bike is a popular dirt bike among bike riders. Because of the model and performance, this bike goes with people of different ages. Dirt bikes are perfect for riding in different areas as well.

Additionally, attractive features have made this Apollo dirt bike one of the highest picks among the existing dirt bikes. Following are the features of the Apollo DB-X125cc dirt bike.

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Strong Material:

Apollo DB-X125cc dirt bikes are manufactured with strong and heavy-duty steel structures. That’s why this bike is a robust dirt bike. Besides, it incredibly runs on various terrains.

Powerful Engine:

Apollo DB-X125cc dirt bikes have air-cooled powerful engines that make a bit of sound when running this bike. However, the powerful engine allows you a displacement up to 125cc. With a cylinder and four-stroke engine, you can go a long way riding this bike without any interruption.

Amazing Speed:

The speed of dirt bikes may differ because of two things. One is the weight of the rider and another is the situation of the terrain. However, Apollo extreme dirt bikes have an average speed of 55 miles per hour. This speed is okay for expert bike riders. Starters will get this bike comfortable to ride as well.

Fantastic Framework:

Apollo dirt bikes have a wonderful framework that is made with lightweight yet strong and durable steel. Additionally, these bikes have a 4-speed clutch that is operated manually.


Apollo DB-X125cc dirt bikes come in red, blue, green, and black colors. You can pick one according to your preference and ride this dirt bike comfortably on different surfaces.

Suspension & Brakes:

Apollo dirt bikes have non-adjustable suspensions. Where the rear suspension is 320 mm, the front one measures 750 mm. Moreover, both the rear and front brakes are made with hydraulic discs. Thus, it works well even in the case of sudden brakes.

apollo extreme dirt bike for adult

Weight & Height:

Apollo dirt bikes have a gross weight of around 82 kg and a net weight of around 67 kg. There are approximately 1.03 gallons of fuel capacity in the Apollo dirt bikes. In addition to that, these dirt bikes have around 36-37 inches height of the seat from the ground.

Dimensions of Tires:

Apollo DB-X 125cc dirt bike has a wheelbase of 48.03 inches. Its rear tire measures 14 inches and its front tire measures 17 inches. Both tires are prepared with strong rubber and are great for going on rough surfaces.


Apollo 125cc dirt bike is one of the best portable bikes among lots of dirt bikes in the market. Therefore, you will get this easy and hassle-free to move this dirt bike with its 48.03 inches wheelbase. Also, you can carry this dirt bike even after you pack this bike.


Safety is very important in the case of riding bikes. Whether it is a dirt bike or a regular motorbike, you have to try to keep yourself safe in any situation. That’s why this dirt bike of Apollo is preferred to the dirt bike riders. Because of the hydraulic disc brakes, this dirt bike provides an immediate breaking experience at the time of faster riding or racing. Also, its framework keeps riders safe from falling on the ground.


There are a lot of people who think that comfort is not necessary in the case of riding bikes. But the fact is, comfort is an indispensable matter for bike riders. When a rider feels comfortable riding a bike, the rider will be able to keep him/herself safe. Instead, accidents or long-term injuries may happen because of riding an uncomfortable bike. That’s why Apollo dirt bike is a top selection among many bike riders as it provides the utmost comfort to its riders.


Dirt bikes should be rider-friendly so that the rider can move and ride the bike easily. Therefore, it is preferable to bike riders as this dirt bike of Apollo is a fantastic and rider-friendly dirt bike. You will find this bike within a limited budget as well.

Because of these amazing features, the Apollo DB-X125cc dirt bike is one of the highest dirt bikes that bike riders prefer a lot.

Why This is Apollo Extreme Dirt Bike?

apollo estreme dirt bike jump

This is Apollo extreme dirt bike because of its greater suspensions, strong brakes, powerful engine, durable framework, and lightweight. Also, this Apollo extreme 125cc dirt bike is a perfect one that emits less carbon than other dirt bikes.

Rapping Up

If you are a novice dirt biker, you can learn and ride this Apollo extreme dirt bike without any hassle. Instead, a professional bike rider or sports person will get this bike comfortable too. This dirt bike of Apollo won’t come in an organized way.

The seating, handlebars, and some other parts will come separately with the package of this bike, and you have to organize these parts manually. But it won’t be so tough. Thus, pick this dirt bike and have a happy riding. You won’t regret buying this dirt bike for sure.

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