Apollo Extreme Dirt Bike

apollo extreme dirt bike

Considering the very first dirt bike of a teenager or someone a bit older, so far, so good, you are heading in the right direction. Among other options, this particular 125cc model deserves a shout.

Although people discourage others from buying this bike, finding its alternative at this price point is almost impossible. Yeah, there are some limitations, as you cannot expect an entry-level dirt bike to deliver the performance and conveniences like a pro model.

This article on Apollo extreme dirt bike review will discuss the features of this bike and give you reasons why you should get it and why you shouldn’t. So, will those limitations be a deal-breaker for you? Let’s find out.

What Is Extreme Dirt Bike?

This particular bike is designed and constructed for riding on the roughest terrain, unsurfaced tracks, or roads. Also, riders attempt scrambling using extreme dirt bikes.

However, you can also ride on the same bike on main roads and highways as long as local law permits.

Apollo DB-X125cc Dirt Bike Features

Compared to the 110cc dirt bike version, it’s more powerful and capable enough to hit rough terrain and muds. But you cannot expect similar performance when compared to the 250cc model. The X125cc model is somewhere in between.

Apollo implemented some excellent features and specs into this bike to make it suitable for most entry-level riders.

4-Stroke Single Cylinder Efficient Yet Powerful Engine

As the model name suggests, it’s a 125cc bike. Powered by a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, it’s more than enough for training or practicing purposes. You can hit dirt terrains at a speed of 55 MPH, which is decent considering its 8.2 HP motor.

As a beginner, you won’t need to go any faster than that. Whether riding it on an even road or dirt muddy terrain, you will less likely need that speed. After all, it’s not a racing or competition bike.

The bike also features a 4-speed clutch transmission, which does the job exceedingly well considering the performance of its engine.

While riding it, you will find it pretty smooth and comfortably controllable. For riding on rough terrains and bumps, its air-cooling system will make sure the bike remains cool and deliver optimal performance.

Brake and Suspension

The bike features reliable disc brakes to help the ride with speedy going. Both front and rear brakes are hydraulic and work exceptionally well.

If you are someone who always rides at maximum speed, you can rely on these brakes. Even the critics did praise its brakes. You can use both your hands and feet for braking.

The suspensions are non-adjustable. In the front, it has 760 mm, and for the rear, the manufacturer used a 320 mm suspension mechanism to make the ride as smooth as possible.

This is one of the areas where you cannot expect anything overwhelming from a bike that is priced pretty low.

Frame and the Overall Durability

Thankfully the manufacturer didn’t cut any corners when it comes to the frame. The bike feels pretty solid and rigid with its durable steel frame construction.

It’s more durable than other bikes similar to this in terms of specs and performance. You can hit rough terrains with great confidence relying on its incredibly resilient frame and construction.

Sizes and Measurements

The bike is 43 inches tall, with 65 inches in length. This size is perfect for people with 5.2 ft. to 5.8 ft. height. Even larger individuals can also ride this bike with great comfort.

With an overall weight of 80 kg, it’s not the heaviest one in this price segment. So, for young individuals, its weight won’t cause much trouble to control the bike properly.


The bike features a 17 inches wheel in the front, and the rear got 14 inches, one to keep you rolling on rugged terrains. For off-road adventures, you won’t miss out on much with this ride. It would only be noticeable if you currently use a more advanced dirt bike, which isn’t the case for most people.

There’s no cover on the tires. So, when you ride on muddy and extreme sandy terrains, there will be muds and sands on the intake underneath the seat. However, you can change the air filter so that dusty trails won’t be an issue from this aspect.


The handlebar got a perfect and comfortable size for young people with smaller hands. You can further adjust the lever according to your preferred position for a more comfortable turning and maneuvering experience.

The Negatives

Before concluding, let’s talk about some of the negative things about the Apollo Extreme 125cc Dirt Bike. One of the major drawbacks of this bike is its carburetor.

It’s not efficient at all. Dirt bike enthusiasts recommend getting an aftermarket carburetor to unleash its true performance. The exhaust got an open-style construction, which isn’t for dirt racing at all.

By that time, bolts will come loose. This is something almost all owners of this bike experienced. However, it’s not any deal-breaking thing because you will have to take care of the maintenance every once in a while, and you can tighten the bolts.

During extreme cold days, it takes a lot of hassle to start the engine. You might need to choke for 5 minutes sometimes to get it started.

Why This is Apollo Extreme Dirt Bike?

So, should you get this bike? Despite having the issues mentioned above, dirt bike experts and pro riders still recommend the X125cc model for beginners as well as teenagers. The performance is quite unmatched for this price point.

Yeah, there will be some issues, but you will be able to figure out most of those and will be riding well considering the drawbacks that cannot be fixed.


We hope after reading the Apollo Extreme Dirt Bike review, you can decide whether or not this bike meets your dirt biking requirements and style.

Whether you want this bike for your teenager kid or brother or want someone younger to learn dirt biking, nothing would come even close to this model in terms of performance.

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