Best Beginner Dirt Bike for Teenager

Best beginner dirt bike for teenager

Teenage is the age of learning new things like sports, style, fashion, and a lot of different things. It depends on the preference of the kids. However, teens are attracted to bikes. Especially, they like dirt bikes very much. Teens have a fascination with dirt bikes. That’s why the knowledge about the proper dirt bike at the beginning is essential. In this article, we are going to provide the best beginner dirt bike for teenagers. It will assist you to get the best dirt bike for your teen kid.

6 Best Beginner Dirt Bike’s For Teenager

Through the opinion of our experts, we are providing here a list of the six best beginner dirt bikes for teenagers.

1. Apollo DB-X18 125cc Beginner Dirt Bike

apollo db x18 dirt bike for teenager

DB-X18 is an amazing dirt bike with an attractive appearance. It is manufactured by the famous brand Apollo. With a powerful engine and strong material, it can go up to 55 miles per hour (88.51 km/h). Thus, this dirt bike can be one of the perfect and extreme selections for teenagers.

Key Features

  • Design: Apollo’s DB-X18 has an outstanding design. It looks brighter because of its green color. Additionally, 1.03 gallons (3.9 liters) of fuel capacity is included in this bike.
  • Material: DB-X18 dirt bike is prepared with steel material. As a result, this dirt bike is strong enough to carry much weight.
  • Weight: DB-X18 has a gross weight of 180.8 pounds (82.01 kg) and a net weight of 147.7 pounds (67 kg). Its 36.5 inches (0.93 meters) high seat is perfect for teenagers.
  • Engine: DB-X14 dirt bike runs with a 4-stroke engine. The air cooling engine can keep the bike cool as well.
  • Velocity: This marvelous bike has a velocity of 55 miles (88.51 km) per hour. Based on the rider’s weight and the condition of the road, it can go a few miles more.
1. Strong steel-based framework.
2. Peaceful green color.
3. Starter will work with a kick.
4. 4 stroke air cooling engine.
5. Hydraulic disc brake.
1. This dirt bike is not good for the teenagers of California.

Why This is a Top Pick

  • This dirt bike is just perfect for teenagers.
  • It will go up to 55 miles (88.51 km/h) per hour depending on the condition of the road.

2. Razor MX650 Electric Teenager Dirt Bike

razor mx650 electric dirt bike

Razor MX650 is another powerful electric dirt bike in our ‘dirt bike collection for teenagers’. This dirt bike is made with strong steel material with a twofold suspension. This bike is very comfortable to ride on different types of roads. Thus, teenage beginners can ride this bike comfortably. 

Key Features

  • Design: This dirt bike is beautifully-crafted with elegant black color. Besides its gorgeous outlook, it will give a comfy ride to the riders.
  • Material: Razor MX650 is manufactured with strong steel. Thus, the framework of this bike is great for teens as well as adults.
  • Engine: This bike has an influential 650-watt motor that is operated by a chain. It will require batteries to carry on the power of the engine.
  • Battery: This is an electric bike that requires three 12V rechargeable batteries. With the totally-charged battery, it will run for around forty minutes without any problem.
  • Velocity: This electric dirt bike can run up to a maximum speed of 17 miles (27.36 km/h) per hour. So, teen beginners will enjoy this bike without any doubt.
1. Durable material and framework.
2. Gorgeous black color.
3. Powerful engine of 650-watt.
4. 36V rechargeable battery.
5. Easy and comfortable to ride.
1. Not so good for experienced bike riders.

Why This is a Top Pick

  • This dirt bike is the best beginner dirt bike for teenagers.
  • Also, it is one of the long-lasting electric bikes for teenagers.

3. SYX MOTO 50cc Gas Power Mini Dirt Bike for Teenager

syx moto 50cc dirt bike

SYX is an amazing dirt bike that is specially manufactured for teens. This mini dirt bike has a wonderful appearance because of the gorgeous black and eye-catching red color framework. This gas-powered dirt bike will surely be a great choice for teenage beginners as well as teenage expert bike riders.

Key Features

  • Design: Among a lot of different dirt bikes existing in the market, this mini dirt bike has an exceptional design and framework.
  • Weight: This mini dirt bike has a length, width, and height of 48×22 x 30.7 inches (0.78 meters). Besides, it weighs 48.5 pounds (22 kg) with a 23 inches (0.58 meters) high seat.
  • Brake style: This mini dirt bike of SYX MOTO has a rear and front brake. Both the brakes are disk brakes. As a result, it can give a much better performance.
  • Engine: This bike has a 2-stroke engine with 50cc that is powered by gas. Thus, no unpleasing sound will occur because of this engine.
  • Velocity: This bike can run up to 30 mph  (48.28 km/h). Also, it has an upgraded speed controller. Thus, anyone can control the limit of this bike.
1. Fantastic framework.
2. Lightweight yet strong.
3. 2-stroke gas-powered engine.
4. Disc brake for better performance.
5. Engine works without sound.
1. Not suggested for the kids under six-year-old.

Why This is a Top Pick

  • One of the perfect dirt bikes for starters.
  • A manual is included in the package to install this bike.

4. X-PRO 125cc Dirt Bike for Teenager

x-pro 125cc street bike

X-PRO is an outstanding addition to the dirt bike collection for teenagers. It is prepared by a prominent X-PRO manufacturer. It is an eye-catching dirt bike with gorgeous black color. This dirt bike is a bit upgraded. Therefore, adults, as well as big teenagers, will love to ride this bike for sure.

Key Features

  • Design: X-PRO has undoubtedly an eye-catching design. Because of the strong framework and black color, it can easily take a place in the mind of the riders.
  • Material: This dirt bike is beautifully prepared with a steel tube. The material is strong enough to serve a long time for the dirt bike riders.
  • Tire: The 17 inches (43.18 cm) by 14 inches (35.56 cm) tires are made with strong rubber. As a result, it is easier to ride this bike on uneven roads as well.
  • Weight: This dirt bike weighs 172 lbs. Teens can go faster as well as jump easily on the jig-jag roads because of the lightweight.
  • Speed-controller: A four-shifter speed controller is added to this bike. Thus, it is easy to manage this bike without any hassle.
1. Strong frame based on steel tube.
2. 17/14 inches rubber tire.
3. 4 shifters for speed control.
4. It will give a long-lasting performance.
5. Good for adults as well.
1. This dirt bike won’t be so great for smaller teens.

Why This is a Top Pick

  • This 125cc dirt bike is a perfect one for larger teens.
  • Also, it will serve you longer than other dirt bikes.

5. APOLLO Dirt Bike 250cc AGB-36 for adult and Teenager

apollo dirt bike 250cc review

This AGB-36 is a 250cc dirt bike. It is an outstanding addition to the renowned brand ‘Apollo’. This bike is most popular among teenage bikers whether an expert or a beginner doesn’t matter. Adult bike riders can select this bike for having an amazing ride as well.

Key Features

  • Design: It is a 250cc dirt bike that is colored midnight black. This bike is designed not only for teenage riders but also for adult riders.
  • Dimension: This dirt bike has a length, width, and height of 84.3×32.5x 48.6 inches (1.23 meters). It is a strong bike with a weight of 300 pounds (136.08 kg).
  • Material: This dirt bike is based on a steel frame and rubber tire. These strong materials are perfect for serving a better riding experience.
  • Engine: This bike has a 4-stroke sole cylinder that has an air cooling system. Therefore, the engine will remain cool even if you ride it for more time.
  • Lifetime: Every bike needs care and maintenance. Thus, it will give you a long time performance if you can maintain this dirt bike properly.
1. Air cooling engine.
2. Electric and kick starter.
3. Midnight black coverage as color.
4. Durable material and framework.
5. It has a standard grip that works manually.
1. It is a bit expensive.

Why This is a Top Pick

  • This bike has the highest speed of 70 miles (112.65 km/h) per hour.
  • One of the best bikes for a greater riding experience.

6. Best X-PRO 140cc Teenager Dirt Bike

taotao 140cc dirt bike

Best X-PRO is the last one on the list of the best beginner dirt bikes. This 140cc dirt bike is made by Moto Pro. With a strong base of frame and eye-catching color, this dirt bike is placed on the top of the choice list of teenagers.

Key Features

  • Design: This dirt bike is beautifully crafted in black and orange color. It has a bit of exceptional design that easily catches the eyes of the riders.
  • Dimension: X-Pro will come in a length, width, and height of 62x17x 32 inches (0.81 meters) package. Besides, this bike weighs 208 lbs.
  • Material: X-Pro is prepared with a steel frame and rubber tire. Adults can ride this dirt bike too because it is strong enough to keep much weight of the riders.
  • Brake style: X-Pro has front and rear brakes that are hydraulic-based. So, riders can smoothly stop this bike because of the hydraulic brakes.
  • Engine: This kick-started dirt bike runs with a 4-stroke cylindrical engine. The engine includes an air cooling system to keep the bike cool for more time.
1. Black and orange color.
2. Hydraulic disc brake.
3. Kick-starting system.
4. Four-stroke engine.
5. Air cooling system is included as well.
1. This dirt bike is a little bit classy.

Why This is a Top Pick

  • Because this dirt bike can carry much weight of the riders.
  • In addition to teen-beginners, adults and experts can ride this dirt bike.

Buyer Guide of the Best Beginner Dirt Bike

There is a great dissimilarity between imagination and reality. Therefore, people become depressed when they think better about something but the thing appears quite opposite. That’s why a buyer’s guide is necessary before purchasing a dirt bike. Thus, here is the buying guide for the best beginner dirt bike for teenagers.

  • Age suitability: Before buying a dirt bike, teenagers’ age is an indispensable thing that needs to be thought of. On average, kids more than 12 years old can start riding a regular dirt bike. On the other hand, kids less than 12 years old can also start riding with the utmost observation of an expert. However, kids are capable of handling a dirt bike or not is the leading question. If they can handle a dirt bike, it is okay to let them ride it.
  • Fuel capacity: A regular dirt bike for teenagers requires a minimum of one gallon of fuel. But riders can add an extra fuel tank if it is needed. It will give them a better riding experience.
  • Weight and dimension: The weight and dimension of dirt bikes is another important thing to consider. Teenagers should start with a dirt bike under 250cc at the beginning. It will be easy for teens to handle that bike. Instead, teens can ride a dirt bike around 250cc to 450cc if they become quite expert at riding.
  • Engine size: The engine size of a dirt bike is necessary as it makes a bike lighter or heavier. A teen beginner can start to learn to ride with a 2-stroke dirt bike because a dirt bike with a 2-stroke engine will be lighter and easier to manage. While a dirt bike with a 4-stroke engine will be heavier and a bit harder to manage.

Also, don’t forget to check out how old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike?


Dirt bikes are popular among bike riders. In addition to adults, kids, as well as adults, love to ride these bikes. But finding out the appropriate bike for the appropriate age is quite a hard nut to crack. In this situation, our article on ‘best beginner dirt bike for teenager’ is a little effort to make your task easier. Therefore, we hope that your teen kid will love riding this bike.

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