Best Ways to Carry Extra Fuel on Dirt Bike

best way to carry extra fuel on dirt bike

When you think about some amazing experience of biking you can’t ignore Dirt bike. These bikes are always in a vogue among young people. Isn’t it? 

Nowadays, even the little kids are fascinated by these bikes to just ride around the yards and nearby areas.

But, basically, dirt bikes are manufactured and designed for enduro races. The bikes have to be ridden on the rough unsurfaced tracks scrambling.

So, they often need extra fuel to avert risks. We here talk about the best ways to carry extra fuel on dirt bike, let’s have a look –

Carrying extra fuel for dirt bikes is often a necessary thing to do because these bikes are designed to be on long rides on unsurfaced roads.

While riding for long like sand riding, you will have to have extra fuel with your bike to avoid worries or unwanted circumstances. You should have a fuel container with you at the time of riding to carry extra fuel.

There are some people who do not know how to carry their extra fuel. So, they start riding for their races anyway. As a result, they frequently face several things that put them into danger.

Unconsciousness and having a little knowledge about these critical things can be a matter of worry and risk.

Whatever, to avoid a hazardous situation, one should always know the safest way to carry extra fuel with them in dirt bikes.

Besides, by being a little bit cautious, one can avoid a hassle in the case of riding dirt bikes.

There are several ways to carry extra fuel on dirt bikes. Those are- carrying fuel in bottles, in saddlebags, in the plastic tail section of the bike, and in a holster strapped to the bike.

In addition, one can carry a high capacity gas tank in front of the bike with the number plate.

Three Best Ways to Carry Extra Fuel on Dirt Bike

dirt bike auxiliary fuel tan

1. Saddle Bags for Fuel Bottles

It is the most preferable way among the dirt bike riders to carry extra fuel in their bikes. MSR fuel bottles are the best amongst all for carrying fuel because they are leak-proof.

Also, these bottles are manufactured in a way that the fuel does not get punctured. They are safe and pocket friendly at the same time. So, this can be a way to carry extra fuel in dirt bikes.

Saddle-bags are safe to carry extra fuel while going for an enduro ride. Here, Wolfman day tripper dirt bike saddle-bags can be in your preference list.

Because they are well manufactured and don’t stick out while riding on a muddy surface. This is the most important thing so that you can focus on your riding without any hesitation. Moreover, you will be capable of averting risks in this way.

But at the same time, these bags are a bit expensive. If you can’t spend it right now, you just put it to your wish list and go with the cheaper one.

However, expensive and good things have their own value. But, your safety is much important than valuable things. So, just go on with the one that you can have right now.            

2. Fuel Bottles in a Holster:

Here is a way you can save your money when you want or need it. Just go for a holster if you do not already have a saddle-bag. You can prefer a holster for your MSR bottle for carrying the extra fuel.

These holsters have straps and attachments. So these can hold bottles properly. Besides, a holster can be kept back easily.

In addition, you can carry a holster anywhere according to your advantage. Sometimes people carry a holster carrying fuel bottles under the handlebars’ sideways along with the gas tanks. You can always choose your favorite place on your dirt bike.

3. High Capacity “Desert” Gas Tanks:

The factories installed such gas tanks that are often small in size. Most of the time, they can hold just 2 gallons or less than 2 gallons of fuel in those gas tanks. These are to bulk down the overall weight.

To get rid of this situation, riders sometimes switch their gas tanks with 4 gallons in size. So they become able to carry more fuel with them. This can be another good option to carry extra fuel on the dirt bikes.

Additional Precautions Tips

motorcycle auxiliary gas tank

However, you may need to carry extra fuel for your dirt bike. But, at first, you have to think about your safety. With the mentioned options of carrying fuel, there comes some other things. Those are as follows.

1. According to the safety measures, you should not wear the fuel. So you should absolutely avoid this option.

2. Extra fuel tanks should not put on a backpack, waist pack, hip pack, vest, or jacket. Otherwise, the fuel can spill out and catch a spark easily.

3. You should never overweight your dirt bike with excessive fuel. Always board with as much gasoline as you need. Else, it may bring risk.

4. You should ensure that the fuel is completely sealed in the container, not expired, and not leaking.

5. Don’t use containers that are not manufactured to store bike fuel. You will find lots of dirt bike related sites who are advising that bike rider should keep extra fuel in old bleach bottles, soda bottles, and Gatorade bottles. But these are extremely unsafe. So think wisely before you buy your fuel container.

6. Don’t put your extra fuel container in between rides. It will be a great risk.


Do I need to carry extra fuel?

Before you buy any expensive extra fuel tank you must think where you are going to ride like if you go to ride on the mountain and that is situated beside the main highway so you don’t need to carry extra fuel because there are available gas station beside the main road. So it is not necessary to carry an auxiliary gas tank or any liquid fuel bags with you.

Can I carry gas in my backpack?

This is highly recommended not to carry liquid gas in back pack. But in some situations, you can carry. But remember it, if you crush from mountain gasoline bottle will start leaking, suddenly it could start flaming. So always try to carry extra containers somewhere in your bike, not recommended carrying with you.

Do fuel bottles need to be vented?

It is not necessary to vent fuel bottles. You must keep away additional gas can from direct sunlight to prevent overheating. If it heats us it could be pressurised by vapors. As a result, it could explode. Don’t carry plastic container because it is riskier than metal containers. There are different types of auxiliary tanks which are actually designed with enough ventilation system. 

Final Note

In a nutshell, it is better to think twice before you decide to carry your extra fuel container. For riding long enduro races, you will need extra fuel to carry with you.

But don’t go with the flow. You may consider what people are doing around you. But you should also keep yourself free from having a risk or any hassle.

There are some people who wear fuel in a backpack while riding for long. But as per safety issues a saddlebag is always a better way to carry extra fuel.

So, use the safest & best way to carry extra fuel for your dirt bike and go for your enduro race without any worries. Happy Riding!!

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