Can You Drive a Dirt Bike on The Road | Dirt Bike Street Legal

Can You Drive a Dirt Bike on The Road

It would be really cool to ride a dirt bike on the road.  You can do it but you need to bring lots of changes with your off-road bike and you must make your dirt bike street legal as well as you must aware of the USA street laws.

So don’t worry we are going to turn your off-road bike into a street-legal dirt bike. All of these steps are a little hard but this articles step-by-step procedure make all process smooth and easy for you.

Still, have a question can I drive a dirt bike on the road, so let’s start riding with your dirt bike inside this article and evaluate all processes.  

How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal?

Before you going to change your dirt bike into a street-legal motorbike make sure which state is suitable for you are living because there are lots of states in the USA and every state’s Department of Motor Vehicles’ law is different.  

Note: are you living in the state of California and you have a bike that is allowed for off-road use only, so you are not permitted to turn your off-road use motorcycle into street legal bike in California.

First, getting a license is mandatory to ride your off-road bike on the highway. But it depends on your state.  

Maximum states allow you to make the conversion from off-road purpose. For dual-purpose you need two changes mechanical and non-mechanical.  

What do You Need?

These changes are simple and anyone can do this job who has some experience with automobiles its so easy to include extra parts with bike. Let’s dig in.

1. Headlight:

can you ride a dirt bike on the sidewalk

This is the compulsory equipment first mechanical equipment. Headlight must be The Department of Transportation approved.

This is not for only street legal permission it will also keep you safe in dark and poor weather conditions as well as makes the bikes visible to other vehicles.  

You should install power efficient LED headlight on the bike and headlight must be switch between low beams to high beams settings.  

It will not cost you too much if you follow some tricky steps like visit eBay auction place, Facebook as well as Craigslist make it easier for you.  

Visit most well-known market Amazon there are plenty of options for headlights.

Even if you don’t want to spend money so go to your local junkyard and find your favorite dirt bike headlight which is suitable for you.

2. Side Mirror:

250cc dirt bike street legal

This is another essential equipment to make a dirt bike road legal and rearview mirror also varies from state to state. Maximum states require two side mirrors for a street-legal pit bike where others require only one side mirror.

If your state requires a single rearview mirror easily it is available in your nearest automobile shop but if you want to buy-side mirror from online store you have to buy two.

Recently I got two rearview mirrors for my motorcycles which did not cost me much.

This is really difficult to find out durable rearview mirrors. Follow me here to keep you safe on the road.

3. Brake/Tail lights:

do you need a license for a dirt bike

Break lights are important to function for riding a motorcycle on the road. It also works as a brake light which is runs from a little battery.

So before turning your off-road bike into a road bike must include tail light. When you slow down bike it visible your bike from behind vehicles.  

LEDs could be your best choice. It is power efficient and more popular nowadays. It is really difficult to find out high-quality brake lights that work properly while riding a sport bike on the road.

I don’t have any idea about the local shop tail lights price. But I can help you to choose it from Amazon at a very cheap price.

4. Turn Signals:

street legal pit bike

It is not compulsory to use turn signals in many US states. But you are highly recommended installing turn lights because you are going to drive two-wheeler vehicles on the highway.  

Always buy yellow turn lights it is highly advisable because it is very effective basically at night driving.

High-quality turn signals make more visible your street legal dirt bike from behind in critical turning point because always you can not use hand to make the signal in poor weather conditions.  

Turn signals will not cost you too much. It just start from $17 on Amazon.  

5. DOT Approved Tires:

dirt bike with street tires

You must buy the Department of Transportation approval tires. Always read product description if you don’t see approved by DOT on the product sticker do not buy.  

Keep in mind dirt bike tires are not suitable for the highway ride. Especially dirt bike tires are only made for off-road riding. These tires will not exist highway speed.  

So this is not just a law of Department of Transportation it is also law to keep bike rider safe on the highway.  

Actually tires price varies in local vehicle shops and online shops. You must budget above $100 for this essential equipment.

6. Horn:

how to make a dirt bike street legal

Horn is another important element to turn a dirt bikes street legal. Must install DOT approved electric horn which is a really cheap price starting at $10.

7. Speedometer:

legal places to ride dirt bikes near me

Speedometer doesn’t require in every state. To convert dirt bike in the street bike it’s not important to install a tachometer on the bike. But speedometer is essential while riding a motorcycle.

You must keep knowledge about the speed and distance of your dirt bike as well as save you from getting a ticket. So relief from anxiety and stress now and get a perfect speedometer starts from $11 on Amazon.

Don’t forget to checkout: how to carry extra fuel on dirt bike.

8. Exhaust: 

Exhaust must be in good shape. There are different category exhaust available in the market. You must consider some things before buying a dirt bike exhaust system like exhaust must be in good shape and sound levels and gas emissions system.

Because some state doesn’t allow too loud transportation California is one of them. That is why California is strict about dirt bike street legal. So you must meet DOT rules and regulations before installing an exhaust on your off-road bike.  

9. DOT Approved Fuel Tank:

Although changing fuel tanks are not mandatory for dirt bike street legal. But it’s necessary to change in some states. So the motorcycles fuel tank should be approved by the Department of Transportation.

10. License Plate & Holder:

The license plate and holder is a valid proof of registration for dirt bike road legal. After registration your bike you just need a license plate display holder.  

Before you install a number plate holder must check DMV requirements about the license plate. You can take a number plate that is adjusted with tail light or rear light of dirt bike.

It would be better if you get three things in one mount like a tail light, license plate, and turn light. It will save you more money.

Try to add little LED light around the number plate so it would be visible at low light and poor weather conditions.  

License plates are available in the nearest bike shop as well as if you want it more cheap price just start from $6 on Amazon.

11. Kickstand:

A kickstand is not must require elements to make a dirt bike street legal. But this is important to park a bike on the parking. A strong and durable motorbike kickstand price starts from $90 on Amazon.

12. Inspection Certificate:

This is the most important step to get your dirt bike approval for street legal. Your off-road bike must pass the inspection test and receive an inspection certificate.

So it will not cost you much just go to any nearest motorcycle shop and get an inspection certificate to make your dirt bike street legal.  

13. Registration:

Now it is time to register your dirt bike for getting street legal certificate. It is such easy steps just go to your local DMV then complete the registration process by paying some fees.  

Final Notes:

Just follow a step-by-step procedure it will be so easier for you to make your dirt bike road legal. You must follow rules and regulations for your specific state otherwise you could lose your registration.

However, you can manage every equipment from a nearby store or online store and you can install them by yourself.

But before doing all these you must have knowledge about your state Department of Transportation’s dirt bike street legal rules and regulations outline. Have a nice riding.

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