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Dirt bike theft prevention

For bikers who love nature and adventure, a dirt bike is a worthwhile investment. As a dirt bike owner, you more than likely have heard a lot about dirt bike theft or maybe even experienced it.

Such kind of theft can be a serious issue for any rider, taking to consideration that most bikes are rarely recovered as they are pieced out and used as parts.

As if the low probability of recovering your bike is not enough, dirt bikes are also easy to steal, since they don’t require keys.

If you own a dirt bike, therefore, it’s imperative that you pay undivided attention to its security. Contrary to what most people think, securing a dirt bike is not a hard thing to do. Here are various dirt bike theft prevention tips to prove it:

6 effective Dirt bike anti-theft tips that will help you sleep easier at night

dirt bike anti theft

First things first

1. Be discreet

If your house is close to a public road or footpath, your best bet is to keep your bike in an enclosed space so that potential thieves won’t see and possibly steal it.

Leaving your bike unattended, and in full view may tempt thieves. Adding to this, you should never consider starting your bike at home – only start it when it’s really necessary.

Revving your bike in the neighbourhood is not only going to annoy your neighbours, but also send a notice to potential thieves that there’s a bike near them.

If you have to clean or do some little fixes to your bike, avoid doing it in your front yard. You can always clean it in the backyard of your home, or a local fuel station with a jet wash.

2. Get a van, instead of a trailer or tow bad carrier

Unless if you want to put your bikes on display for the whole world to see while on the highway, it’s always advisable that you use a van, or pick-up truck with a canopy to transport your bikes.

Considering the money that you’ve already spent on your bike, this should be a worthwhile way to keep your bike away from public view.

Be sure to use a lock on the bike, even if the back of the van is safely locked. On top of that, you should also lock up your van for extra security.

That way, thieves will hopefully be deterred from bypassing the many security measures that you have put in place even if they were determined.

3. Get good locks and anchors – avoid chains

While chains may seem to be a good way to keep your bike secure, they are not always effective.

Most of them can be cut with bolt cutters or various power tools. The good news, however, is that they still deter thieves as they take a lot of force to cut through.

Cable locks are a better option, as they need more effort and time to bypass. If you’ll use a chain and anchor, avoid placing the anchor too close to the ground.

That’s in consideration that thieves often use their feet to force bolt cutter handles together; so if the chain is touching the ground, you are probably helping the thief out.

4. Add an alarm to your garage

Whether you use a garage, storage container, or shed to keep your bike safe, it’s always vulnerable. Locks may enhance your dirt bike’s security, but they can be cut if the thief is determined and has enough time.

For this reason, you should consider fitting an alarm in your garage. Avoid using sticky door alarms at all costs, as thieves know how to rip them off quite easily. Instead, be sure to install a good wired-in alarm system.

A perfect alarm system should be one that is linkable to your house alarm so that it sounds an alarm in the garage to scare the thief away, as well as a different alarm in your house to alert you.

5. Make your bike unrideable

To minimize the chances of theft, you can also do some things to your bike to slow thieves down.

Some of the things that you can do to make your bike unrideable include taking out the seat and subframe, removing the ignition, taking off the wheels, or anything else that can make your bike unattractive and unrideable.

Even if a thief may want to carry your bike since they can’t ride it, they may also be discouraged by the idea that they have to buy the missing parts.

6. If you have to let someone ride, get that collateral

If you want to sell your bike, you probably have no option other than to let the potential buyer take your bike out for a test.

Whenever you want to let someone take your ride for a spin, always get collateral from them – it may be their car keys with the relevant documents, driver’s license, or anything else that would discourage them if they had bad intentions.

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You Can Also Take The Following Additional Precautions:

best motorcycle theft prevention
  • Get insurance for your bike to ensure that you have peace of mind if the worst happens
  • Write down the bike numbers so that you can easily identify your bike should it be stolen.
  • Have your bike data-tagged, as it may deter thieves from making away with your bike
  • Get a tracking device for your bike so that it gets easier to quickly track it if it gets stolen
  • If you notice a car following you on your way home, use a route in the opposite direction and don’t go home until they’ve given up.

    You may as well want to note down important details about their car such as the number plate and the kind of car they’re driving in case the worst happens.

    What’s more? If they keep on following you, drive to the nearest local police station. While such scenarios are quite rare, you ought to do whatever you can to ensure that your bike is safe from thieves.

Theft Prevention Gear That You Must Not Lack if You Own a Dirt Bike

You don’t need a ‘Military Grade’ vault to keep your bike secure. All you should get is the following tools:

  • Dirt bike disc lock
  • Dirt bike security anchor (remember not to place the anchor in a way that the chain will touch the floor)
  • Dirt bike alarm lock
  • Heavy-duty, high-quality security chain or double looped cable

Final Thought

While it’s not always pleasant to think about having your bike stolen, it’s good to plan for the worst rather than hope things work out when it’s too late.

With the different anti-theft measures discussed above, your dirt bike’s security should be good to go. Remember that thieves go for the easiest target – just don’t let it be you.

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