Razor MX350 Dirt Motocross Reviews

Razor mx350 Reviews

Is your kid being bored playing with a tiny scooter or bicycle? Are you in search of a unique gift for your lovely kid? Does your kid want something stylish and unique? Well, the reason can be anything.

But the fact is, you are thinking of buying an electronic bike. That’s why you are here, and reading this amazing article. If you are worried about choosing an electronic motorbike for your 13 years old kid, then this article is perfect for letting you know about the best option.

We are telling you about nothing but the “Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Motocross Bike”. Let’s know the reasons that make this bike the best option.

Main Key Features

razor mx350 top features

Huge options for a bike are available in the market. But you will be glad to know that Razor MX350 is the best dirt bike of all. Razor MX350 is the gift from the iconic company “Razor Scooter” for your kids.

It is designed especially for kids considering the safety features and enjoyable fun ride. Therefore, you must know the key features that made this electronic motorbike unique from the other bikes.

Design: First of all, this dirt bike is a combination of elegant blue and gray. So, it will be perfect for your stylish kid.

Lightweight: MX350 dirt bike is a lightweight motorbike; 48 pounds (21.77 kg) only. So it’s easy for kids to ride and manage this bike.

Capacity: It can carry a maximum rider weight of 140lbs (63 kg). A little bit more weight can also be okay if the kids ride it with caution.

Speed: Your kids can ride this bike at a maximum speed of 14 MPH or 22.5 KPH. This speed is perfect for beginners for having a fun ride.

Battery: This bike has a lead-acid battery of 24V. The battery is rechargeable and needs 12 hours to be fully charged.

Engine: The engine of this dirt bike is quite sound-free. So, your kid can ride it without irritating others. The kids’ ears will be safe from the excessive sound of bikes as well.

Motor: The motor power of Razor MX350 is 250W which is perfectly set up for safe riding of kids.

Riding time: MX350 dirt bike will provide a run time of up to 30 minutes. So, it will keep a balance between riding the bike and having fun.  

Distance: It can cover a distance of 7 miles that means 11.27km. It is not so bad for the kids who are still in their beginning stages of riding bikes.

Brake: This dirt bike has a rear hand braking system. So, kids can easily handle the brake and keep them safe.

Wheel: It has 12-inch pneumatic wheels. This wheel size is fit for the kids of 13 and above as well.

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Razor mx350 Review

After Razor MX350 had come to the marketplace, it became noticeable to customers. As a result, the company achieved huge sales because of the increasing number of customers. Here we are giving the reviews of Razor MX350 on specific factors.

1. Design

razor mx350 motor specifications

Razor MX350 is designed for the kids beautifully. Therefore, kids can enjoy a professional quality ride. For your enthusiastic kid, Razor MX350 will be a great choice to participate in a contest. This dirt bike is designed to give the rider a great riding experience.

You can immediately jump with its big, well molded, and chunky wheels. The material quality, paint, and patterns of the bike are very good. Its controlling features and braking system are designed as any kid can easily control it and have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Razor MX350 has a twisted grip, which makes it easy to control. It has a hand braking system and adjustable handlebars.

2. Color

This bike has a racing-style decal for your kids. This bike is offering stunning colors that will attract anyone. You will usually find this bike in a lively blue and glossy red color. You can also find some other colors like pink, yellow, or black occasionally.

The color and outlook of anything reflect the quality of that thing. As in the case of Razor MX350, you will feel its quality after seeing the product at once. The unique design and the lively color contrasts of the bike will give your kid a professional feel.

3. Age Suitability

razor mx350 for kids

The main considerable thing about buying a bike for a kid is his age. While analyzing customers’ reviews, we came to know that most people bought this bike for their 9-year-old kid. This bike is specially designed for kids of 5 to 13 years old.

According to the control quality and the design, Razor MX350 is the best suited for the kid of 5 to 7 years. Here is a fact about the skill and adaptability of your kid. Kids who are well learners can ride it easily.

The controlling is not so hard to learn the controls of this bike. So beginners are welcome for riding this bike as well.

4. Weight & Dimension

Razor MX 350 is a very lightweight bike; only 48 pounds or 21.77 Kg only. The dimensions of the product are 24.5L × 31W × 44H inches. As its weight is very light, a kid can easily control the bike.

Again, this dirt bike can carry a weight of 140 pounds (63.5 kg). That means kids of the age of 13 years can easily have a safe ride with these bikes.

5. Assembly

Razor MX 350 requires a little assembly. You easily assemble the parts with a simple DIY, and it will take a very low time. There are only two parts on which you need to work; the handlebar and the fender.

You will get an instruction book while buying a bike. The instruction book will show you the step-by-step process so that you can easily assemble the parts. Anyone can easily complete the task by reading the instruction book.

6. Top Maximum Speed

razor mx350 kids motorbike

This bike is designed for around 13 years old kids. But children of 5 or 6 years can drive this bike like a pro because it is very easy to operate. This bike can run at a maximum speed of 14 miles per hour (22.53 km/h).

This speed is quite ok for the kids of 13 years and your kid can easily control the speed as well. Additionally, this bike can carry up to 150 pounds (68.04 kg) of kid easily. You won’t have to worry either if your kid has a little bit more weight.

Razor MX350 Pros & Cons

Razor MX350 has a variety of advantages and a few disadvantages as well. Those are given as follows.

1. Stylish color.
2. Fantastic design.
3. Comfortable seat for kids.
4. The engine is soundless.
5. Adjustable handlebars.
6. Rear-brake system is hand-operated.
7. The grip is changeable.
8. Up to 30 minutes or more runtime depending on riders’ weight.
9. Large pneumatic knobby tires to drive smoothly on any terrain.
10. For beginners, this bike is the best.
1. Too small for more than 13-year-old kids.
2. Only 30 minutes run time.

Safety Considerations

kids driving razor mx350

It feels amazing when you see the kids having fun with dirt bikes. It’s fun for kids as well. But the most important thing is to make sure that your kid is protected while riding.

Because of the safety problem, parents sometimes hesitate and refuse to give their kids riding bikes. Moreover, like other items, there are plenty of dirt bikes you will get in the market. But all bikes are not manufactured in the same way.

Considering all the safety and other issues, the Razor MX350 bike guarantees the protection of your kids. This bike is prepared specially for the kids. So, you don’t need to worry about your kid’s safety while they’re driving this dirt bike.

Wrapping Up

razor mx350 jumping

Razor MX 350 dirt motocross bike is a unique collection for the kids. Till it has come to the marketplace, it becomes a top-rated bike. Moreover, it becomes the favorite one of the kids for its cool design.

Among the hundreds of kid’s motorbikes in the market, Razor MX350 is one of the best. In this article, we tried to give you all the necessary information about this bike.

Hope your kid will have a great experience with this dirt bike. So, don’t lose the opportunity to grab your one. Instead, buy one quickly and watch your kids having fun.

Happy riding!  

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