Dirt Bike Sand Riding Tips – 7 Beginner to Advance Guide

dirt bike sand riding tips

Riding your dirt bicycle in the sand is among the hardest things to do because it can make things quite annoying if you do not know what you are doing.

There is nothing better than having the capacity to ride a dirt bike in the wide-open places, perform wheelies without fearing about falling, and hit big jumps you would typically hit. This article highlights the seven tips of riding dirt bicycles through the sand.

What to know beforehand?

  1. It is always a great idea to carry extra gas. You need extra power when you go to off-road riding, and you will burn through gas a bit faster compared to on the trail. Carry an additional gas just to be secure since running out of gas really bad luck.
  2. You will also need to low the pressure of your bike tires to offer yourself the most control and traction. It is sort of like biking through the now. It is tough to bike smoothly when your tires are totally inflated, but you will also need to ensure that you do not hit hard things while you are out there.
  3. You need to know that you must have a sturdy bike. If you are on the wet sand of super packed, it would probably be a problem, but for the case of soft sand spaces, owning at least a 250cc bike will be essential.

Advance Sand Riding Tips:

advance dirt bike sand riding tips
  1. You will need to have your heaviness towards the back wheel. You must ensure that the front wheel is as light as possible so that it does not dig in, causing you to slow down.
  2. Ensure to keep your knees tight to the motorcycle. Biking on the sand may be a rugged ride, and in case your knees are not tight enough, you might find yourself tossing off the motorcycle. Even your body’s skin and arms could reach harm seriously.
  3. While you are riding through the sand, you ought to stand for as much of it as you can. You will need to have more control when performing that, and you will not burn out as quickly either. It takes some time to get used to it, but it is really comfortable.
  4. Ensure always to keep your momentum! It is just like when you are climbing a mountain, immediately you lose your momentum you are toast. Make sure to keep the gas balanced since when you unexpectedly slow down, your front wheel will dig in, and you will lose speed. You must be aggressive through the sand.
  5. Perform some sort of modification to your bike. It is often a great idea to tighten the suspension if possible and allow some air to get out of the tires. This will offer you much control and offer you a better ride.
  6. Always remember to use your legs to hold as much as you can. This will stabilize you over the uneven terrain and release the pressure in your hands.
  7. If you find yourself on a tight corner, and you are needed to turn hard- move your body direct up to the front end of your bicycle. Also, ensure that the throttle is pinned and lean towards the direction you are going. This plays a significant role in taking the weight off the back wheel, letting you whip it around through the sand.

Recommended Dirt Bike for Sand Dunes:

The top bicycle for sand dunes is the Honda CR500. It is powerful and big, which will tear you through almost everything. The second top choice for a bike for sand dunes is a regular 450cc dirt bicycle.

Any dirt bike above 250cc can word excellently, but the 500 or even 450 would be the best choice to opt for. Any of the mentioned dirt bikes can work perfectly through the sand.

Final Note:

Riding through the sand punishes your motorcycle because sand enters into each little cranny and nook. It will make the parts wear out faster than normal.

Ensure to wash your bicycle thoroughly after each ride, and always keep the air filter clean. Utilize a light CRC to spray the chain instead of heavy chain lube.

You do not wish to have sand clinging the bike’s chain. Buy any of the recommended dirt bikes to enjoy your ride through the sand.

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